Pastel Wasteland

United Kingdom, 2019 / TBC

Director: Various

Starring: Various

An exciting new genre film festival for the South Coast, Pastel Wasteland brings together some of the best, unsung heroes of science fiction and horror filmmaking. Collecting short films from around the world, audiences are invited to come and see the future icons of the genres, as they present their work in two, hour-long collections of short films.

Take time to mingle with the filmmakers themselves between showings and then cheer them on at our awards ceremony, where we’ll be celebrating the best film, best director, best screenplay, best performer and the coveted ‘Wasteland Wanderer award’ celebrating the wild card film of the night.

The day culminates in the first public showing of Pastel Wasteland’s debut feature film “I Am An Addict”. A harrowing and gruesome horror anthology film, this is sure to both terrify and entertain you. Come and celebrate the efforts of the local film community during the presentation of this feature film effort.

To have the chance to see your short film on the big screen, submission details can be found at

Closed, but still fanatical about film!

Dear everyone,

Looks like our plans to re-open have been scuppered once again. We were hoping to fling open our doors and welcome back merry bands of film lovers in early Feb but no, it's just not going to happen! 

We're feeling like it's not worth trying to predict anything at the moment but of course we'll keep you posted.


No6 Chair.