Not sure it's worth trying to predict when we can reopen at the moment but needless to say it will be as soon as we feasibly can. However, we will keep the website updated with news and in the meantime why not stream one of the films featured on The News page of the website, for every film purchased a percentage of your ticket price will be paid to No6. There are some great films on there so escape reality and enter a different world for an hour or two.

There are no films

Closed, but still fanatical about film!

Dear everyone,

Looks like our plans to re-open have been scuppered once again. We were hoping to fling open our doors and welcome back merry bands of film lovers in early Feb but no, it's just not going to happen! 

We're feeling like it's not worth trying to predict anything at the moment but of course we'll keep you posted.


No6 Chair.