This month West Side Story, next month Belfast!

Monthly Matinees are back

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Our monthly matinees are back with a corker. We will be screening West Side Story with subtitles...

A fabulously creepy horror film festival of horror shorts, awards, networking and horror feature 28 Days Later.

Pastel Wasteland Film Festival is back on 5th Feb

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Indeed it is and if you are wondering what it is all about I shall do my best to explain. No6 will be handing itself over to the Pastel Wasteland Film Festival for the day/evening in order to celebrate the horror genre as depicted and imagined by some of the darkest minds from around the world...

House of Gucci could be in the running for an award nomination or 2?

Bums on seats and a washed face

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To be honest we were rather nervous about reopening in September, we really didn’t know if our audiences would return as everything feels so different these days but thankfully our fears were unfounded...