Little Women is showing this Saturday, 1st Feb, at 7pm

Better experience of film

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We recently hosted a screening for some students and a number of them very kindly filled in the questionnaire that we foisted on them when they arrived. When asked a question about seeing a film at home or at the cinema, it was very heartening to read some of their responses...

Motherless Brooklyn is showing at No6 on Friday evening, and is another great example of a book adaptation. Come and watch it with us.

Source Material

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What is the best source material for a great film? Currently the trend seems to be to put a fresh spin on some of the best loved literary classics. It’s not as if some of these classic titles haven’t been adapted before, they have, many times but now there is a move to blow fresh air into them...

Honey Boy will be showing on Thursday 16th Jan at 7pm


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A couple of weeks ago I was struck by a comment of one of our customers when she asked if we had to pay to screen the Netflix titles that we have been showing recently. Well, the answer is yes...