Celebrate the good life with a good glass of good wine this week at No6


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As well as the usual delicious Prosecco we will be serving before our Valentine’s film, Love Story, we have decided to embrace the spirit of La Dolce Vita and up the wine stakes...

Jojo Rabbit is in the running for some Oscars this year, who is your favourite to win?

The Big One

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Are we all a bit jaded by the awards season? I think the answer is more than likely yes, however, don’t give up yet, 'The Big One' is just around the corner...

Little Women is showing this Saturday, 1st Feb, at 7pm

Better experience of film

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We recently hosted a screening for some students and a number of them very kindly filled in the questionnaire that we foisted on them when they arrived. When asked a question about seeing a film at home or at the cinema, it was very heartening to read some of their responses...

Very sad to say we are still closed.

Dear everyone,

No6 was really hoping to re-open its doors on 6th November but due to a maintenance issue with Action Station's fire alarm system we are unable to open safely. The system needs replacing and will cost a small fortune, this could take a while. So it is with a heavy heart that we cannot give a realistic opening date, but we will endeavour to open again as soon as we can. 

Love to all our amazing customers.


No6 Chair.