Dance Craze

United Kingdom, 1988 / 81 Mins

Director: Joe Massot

Starring: The Beat, The Bodysnatchers, The Selecter

In 1979 Jerry Dammers founded not only The Specials but the 2 Tone Record Label. Releasing their debut single Gangsters in July of that year, which spent 12 weeks on the UK singles chart, closely followed by the label's second single, The Prince by Madness. Over the course of the next 12 months, 2 Tone took over the UK, with more singles and album releases by The Selecter, The Beat and the The Bodysnatchers, along with two 2 Tone package Tours with these and other bands.

Director Joe Massot and cinematographer Joe Dunton both witnessed these bands live and wanted to try an attempt at capturing the sheer force and energy of the movement. They filmed various bands at venues over the course of 1980 using the newly invented SteadyCam on Super 35mm film stock to make it look like the camera was dancing along with the beat of the music. The end film included 27 songs and captu