Drop City

United Kingdom, 2012 / 82 Mins

Director: Joan Grossman

Starring: Members of the Drop City Commune

This is a FREE event, screening in Guildhall Square on the big screen on Sunday 4th July at 7.00pm. Bring a deckchair/picnic/blanket/sunshade.

DROP CITY is a story of whimsical innovation and the drive to create a new civilization on the scrapheap of a wasteful society. Often cited as the first rural commune of the 1960s, Drop City was an experimental community on the plains of Southern Colorado that blended practices of art, architecture, and resourceful living in ways that came to define a global counterculture.

**Although our website will invite you to book a ticket, this is just part of the template to get it published on the website. It is a free event and there is no need to book, just rock up**