United States, 2024 / 87 Mins

Director: Carla Gutiérrez

Starring: Frida Kahlo

Carla Gutiérrez, renowned for her masterful editing of films including Sundance Film Festival projects RBG (2018), When Two Worlds Collide (2016), and Cesar’s Last Fast (2014), brings artistry and a deep understanding of her subject to an astonishing directorial debut. Through a cacophony of rich archival sights, music, and journal entries joyfully brought to life, we become immersed in Frida’s interior world, fears, arduous relationships, and events that drove her indelible artistic creations. Gutiérrez vibrantly guides us through Frida’s complex relationship to her own work, navigating the tension between art as commerce and painting for pleasure and self-knowledge. With reverence, thoughtfulness, and the colour of pure emotion, FRIDA invites us to get to know one of the greatest artists of the 20th century in a completely new way.

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