Return of the Hero

France, 2018 / 88 Mins

Director: Laurent Tirard

Starring: Jean Dujardin, Mélanie Laurent

Who can resist the charm of an adventurer? Captain Neuville shows up at Elisabeth's château and wants to marry her younger sister, Pauline. First, though, he must go to war for Napoleon. In order for the separation to not weigh too heavily on Pauline, Elisabeth forges letters in which Neuville gallantly reports to her from the front. She also fabricates his heroic death in India. But then the real Neuville returns from the war, drunken and tattered. As an ostensible war hero, he seeks to benefit from the engagement to Pauline that has hopefully been made. Only Elisabeth knows of the lies, and thus begins the zany duel of two scammers in a comedy of wild deceptions, starring Mélanie Laurent and Oscar-winner Jean Dujardin.