The Lost Leonardo

Denmark, France, 2021 / 96 Mins

Director: Andreas Koefoed

Starring: Dianne Modestini, Robert Simon

This documentary tells the inside story behind the Salvator Mundi, the most expensive painting ever sold at $450 million, claimed to be a long-lost masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci. From the moment it is purchased from a shady New Orleans auction house, and its buyers discover masterful brushstrokes beneath its cheap restoration, the fate of the Salvator Mundi is driven by an insatiable quest for fame, money and power. But as its price soars, so do questions about its authenticity. Is this multi-million dollar painting actually by Leonardo – or do certain power players simply want it to be? Unravelling the hidden agendas of the world’s richest men and most powerful art institutions, THE LOST LEONARDO reveals how vested interests became all-important, and the truth secondary.

We are delighted to be showing the short film Choker (PG) before the main feature, in association with Making Waves.

Directed by: Orson Cornick
UK, 4 mins 6s

As a girl drops from the sky onto a crowded beach, a mysterious man drives at breakneck speed towards her.