University of Portsmouth Graduate Film Screening

United Kingdom, 2024 / TBC

Director: Various

Starring: Various

We 3rd year film students invite you to come and join us to celebrate our time here at The University of Portsmouth at our final year screening! Join us for an amazing red carpet evening of excitement and entertainment as we showcase an array of final year projects, including short films, a documentary and more! Be a part of this special event as we see the year off in style!

Heavy Suspicion - A discovery so unbelievable... It might just be fraud
Based on a true story: Dr Henry Wendall has his life rocked when questions arise over the validity of his team’s new discovery. With no one able to reproduce their results and under the pressure of an investigation, Henry must search within himself for the truth... Was the discovery genuine? Or were the findings faked?

Blood Like Wine - Classic Monsters, New Kills
Blood Like Wine is a horror/comedy about three vampires seducing an unknowing woman, Sammy, and bringing her back to their recently acquired home to feast on. But once Sammy realises the truth, she must fight her way out of the house through unusual and unique methods.

Metal Vengeance
Metal Vengeance is a pilot that follows Vera and Misa on a revenge-fuelled mission as they infiltrate a warehouse to steal money for rebuilding their home and confront the robot that stripped them of everything. But what they encounter isn't what they anticipated.

A Guide to Grief: IN SPACE - It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine
In a not-so-distant future, three astronauts stationed in space watch helplessly as a planet-obliterating meteor hurtles toward Earth. With no means to warn humanity, they bicker, fight and spiral through the five stages of grief in a darkly comedic journey. 

Lost Cinemas Documentary
Explore the forgotten magic of Portsmouth's cinematic past in this revealing documentary. From the grandeur of its earliest theatres to the quaint charm of neighbourhood cinemas, witness the rise and fall of these cultural landmarks.

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