United Kingdom, 1924 / 60 Mins

Director: A.V. Bramble, H. Bruce Woolfe

April 23rd 1918 saw one of the most daring and heroic raids of the First World War with the British Royal Navy attempting to block the Belgian port of Bruges-Zeebrugge, a key U-boat and light shipping base for the Imperial German Navy.

Based on the raid, Woolfe and Bramble’s much forgotten gem is a film that recreates the famous heroic attack at Zeebrugge with a mixture of drama and authentic First World War film material including captured German film as well as the most advance special effects of the time.

South West Silents and No6 Cinema, Portsmouth are proud to present this very rarely screened film up on the big screen. Film courtesy of the BFI and Studio Canal.
There will be a pre film introduction by Bryony Dixon, curator of Silents Film at the BFI.
This event is supported with thanks to the BFI Film Audience Network.

Live Music by Stephen Horne and Martin Pyne.

Closed, but still fanatical about film!

Dear everyone,

Looks like our plans to re-open have been scuppered once again. We were hoping to fling open our doors and welcome back merry bands of film lovers in early Feb but no, it's just not going to happen! 

We're feeling like it's not worth trying to predict anything at the moment but of course we'll keep you posted.


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