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Back to all posts There are some wonderful releases from Bulldog Media, keep an eye on them !

Throughout 2020 and in the absence of our dear cinema, we at No6 have been promoting various streaming platforms as a fab way of watching new films that align with our creative M.O. 

Today we are delighted to share information of Bulldog Media - they are bringing quality films On Demand into our homes via Vimeo.

It couldn't be much easier; just click on the film below that tickles your fancy and you'll be taken to the corresponding page on the Vimeo site. 

They have 3 great choices available to stream now.

Director Craig Roberts wrote the part especially for Sally Hawkins. How about that.

Eternal Beauty

When Jane is dumped at the altar she has a breakdown and spirals into a chaotic world where love (both real and imagined) and family relationships collide with both touching and humorous consequences. The film stars the wonderful Sally Hawkins and was directed by Craig Roberts (Submarine).


Fresh blue skys lift the gritty British drama.


Rob loves driving and stealing cars. He shares a house with and cares for his dying father who thinks he's out job hunting. Rob manages to keep his two worlds perfectly separated until best mate Leo gets him involved in a bigger job which goes terribly wrong. When everything seems lost, unexpected hope comes from Leo's girlfriend Kasia.


Finding inspiration in unlikely places, this documentary looks sensational.

You Don't Nomi

An intriguing documentary about Showgirls, the raunchy film that was originally slated but has since gained notoriety as a cult classic. You Don't Nomi looks to be a "thoughtful deconstruction of film", and worth a watch even if you haven't seen Showgirls. Watch the trailer and see what you think, I am certainly adding this to my watch list.  

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