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Yes they are! and from the the number people who have acquired a dog since lockdown, many are finding a new found and deeply profound joy in dog ownership. Dogwoof (yes that is the name of the distributor) are releasing an incredible new film on their streaming platform called Stray.

The film is a debut feature directed by Elizabeth Lo which is a love letter to dogs and follows the lives of three stray  living on the streets of Istanbul. It explores what it means to live as a being without status or security whether they be on two legs or four.

As they search for food and shelter, Zeytin, Nazar and Kartel  embark on inconspicuous journeys through Turkish society that allows an unvarnished portrait of human life and their own canine culture.

This film feels more relevant now than ever.

Join the watch party on the release date of the film on Friday March 26th and if you fancy the chance of winning a prize bundle for yourself and your dog, just upload a picture or video to social media channels of your dog watching Stray tagging @dogwoof using #Straywatchparty

If you can’t wait until 26th, sign up for the preview screening with a Q&A with the director hosted by Edith Bowman.

Find the film at and please check the No6 box to support the cinema.

To find other incredible documentaries from Dogwoof including the two Oscar nominated films Collective and The Mole Agent try the Dogwoof on demand streaming platform

Join in with the watch party on Fri 26th March

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