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“If you want to get rich, start a religion.” – L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology.


The Mire is an independent, contained thriller to be shot in Portsmouth in October 2021. The story follows the charismatic cult leader Joseph Layton who, when caught mid-escape, must manipulate his two most loyal followers into letting him go so he can flee with money he has stolen from them before he is forced to join their mass suicide. The film is a battle of wits played out across one evening as all three parties attempt to manipulate, reform, and out-plot the others.

The production companies behind The Mire, Apple Park Films, and Familiar Stranger Films are two Portsmouth-based production companies, who believe that this city is a place where independent films can and should be made. Not only that, but we believe these films should be made, using as much local talent as possible.




This is why the cast and crew of The Mire are largely made up of people from or with strong ties to the Portsmouth area. Now, we’re hoping that Portsmouth’s lovers of independent cinema can help us get The Mire over its final budget hump.



We’ve secured 84% of our budget and need your help to raise that final 16% (£4000) and get us into production on time. We’re running a crowdfunding campaign through Greenlit, which specialises in film and theatre crowdfunding, and in raising the money this way we’ll be able to keep creative control of our project.


In exchange, we’re offering some excellent perks that will appeal to any film fan, all of which are detailed on our crowdfunding page. The campaign can be found at the following link:


You can follow our journey on Twitter at @AppleParkFilms or using the hashtag #TheMireFilm, and on Instagram at familiarstrangerfilms.


We can’t wait to share our film with you.

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