June 7th - McQueen Event Cancelled

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Back to all posts Unfortunately, the McQueen Event scheduled for June 7th has been cancelled.

We are very sorry to announce that the McQueen Event as advertised in the programme has been cancelled. We’re not sure why this has happened, circumstances beyond our control, however the film alone will be available from June 8th onwards. We don’t have a slot to put it into at the moment, but we will try to screen it at some point in the future. What shall we put in our empty slot? We’ll keep you posted.
Don’t forget our programme distributors meeting on Thursday from 5.30 onwards, in the cafe, red or white wine available. If you feel you can help, do come and have a chat.

The movie too HOT for words, on Thursday 3rd May at 7pm

There is a character in Some Like it Hot called ‘Spats Columbo’, that wouldn’t happen now would it? Too corny. But what isn’t corny is Marilyn Monroe, this may be the first film we have screened with her in, shame on us. 
Thursday night is the perfect night to watch the handsomest man in town and the most iconic actress at work.

A boy's odyssey in search of his lost dog, on Friday 4th May at 7pm

More Scrufts than Crufts, Isle of Dogs on Friday night is Wes Anderson's imaginative feature about man’s best friend. Can’t wait to see this, woof, woof.

Long live the king, on Saturday 5th May at 7pm

Black Panther on Saturday night is a film that is true to its roots: Marvel and Africa. See it for the first time or see it for the nth time, it will look splendid on our great big screen.

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