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Back to all posts Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool will be showing on Friday the 5th of January

Yes it’s here, the new programme for Jan/Feb ’18 is now on the 'What's On' page  and will be around and about the city in paper format when our team of trusty distributors swing into action. Most people will be focusing on their Christmas entertainments right now, but take the time to have a gander because there are some really fabulous films in the pipeline. Pre-awards season things always ramp up a gear or two and we will have the creme de la creme as always at No6.

Silence of the Lambs, showing Thurs 14th Dec at 7pm

On Thursday night we are screening the 1991 classic thriller The Silence of the Lambs: re-released as part of The BFI’s Thriller Season, this film is so highly rated that basically it is off the usual film ratings scoring system. Who needs an excuse to watch this breath-quickening, beautifully crafted thriller? The chance to see it on the big screen is a rare event, let No6 fulfil that need.

The Killing of the Sacred Deer, showing Fri 15th Dec at 7pm

The Killing of a Sacred Deer is a meditation on karma, predestination and guilt. This film is even more unsettling than Lanthimos’s previous film The Lobster. Screening this Friday it is a tale transposed from the ancient Greek to 21st Century cinema, they had all the best stories first didn’t they?

The Florida Project, showing on Sat 16th at 7pm

All nights are good nights to go to the cinema but Saturday night is often the best. The Florida Project is tipped for greatness as it manages to navigate the tricky topic of poverty in America without condescension or prurience. It is a most poignant look at childhood beautifully filmed in the ever lengthening shadow of Disney World and Disney utopia.

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