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We have just changed the back end of the website so things are just settling down and a few glitches have already been ironed out. The best thing now is that if you go to the 'What’s On' section you can scroll down through all the films without having to keep clicking on ‘show more films’, much easier to quickly and seamlessly locate all the gems we have on offer.

This week we have four films. Starting the week off on Thursday afternoon and screening at 4.15pm we have Alone in Berlin. We are still able to offer tickets at old rate of £8.00 (full) and £6.50 (conc), this is due to the fact we don’t have extra security to pay in the afternoons. Join us for free tea and biscuits before the screening of a film about a quiet, unusual and understated form of resistance played out by the class acts of Gleeson, Thompson and Bruhl.

On Thursday evening at 7.00pm we are screening the Belgian film Insyriated, alternatively titled In Syria (much better in my humble opinion). With a heightened sense of claustrophobia this film shows the human face of an ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Hurrah…where better to see a film of such visual scale as Close Encounters of the Third Kind! Book your seat for Friday night’s screening of a film by one of the best storytellers of all time - grand and celestial theatre.

Ho hum, we seem to have rather a lot of war stories this week…however, for the third and final time at No6 we are screening Dunkirk on Saturday night, bookings are brisk so don’t wait till the last minute to nab your ticket.

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