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Back to all posts Parasite will be showing at the earliest date that we can get our hands on it; Sat 14th March at 7pm

We have gathered all the entry forms for our ‘Predict the Winners’ in our Oscars competition and I am sorry to report that no one scored more than 3 out of 5. This is partly I believe because of the very late release date of Parasite in this country and the fact that so few people in the UK had seen it before the awards season. However, our March/April programme is just waiting for the ink to dry at the printers but is available to view through the ether of the internet on our website, and if you care to view, you will see that Parasite will be screening at No6 on Sat March 14th, the earliest date we could screen it.

The eagle eyed amongst you will see that we have left an empty slot for an Oscar winning film on Thursday March 5th, it can’t be Parasite so it’s a toss up between screening either Jojo Rabbit or 1917 again, keep an eye out for an update.

All these things aside our March/April programme has so many gems on offer: including classic Monty Python and Cameron (The Terminator) and on Thursday 16th April with live Q&A, David Attenborough’s A Life on Our Planet. On this occasion we are able to offer tickets a very competitive £10.00.

Own your story.

Our monthly Thursday matinee is Little Woman, starting at 4.15pm, it is with subtitles for those that find them useful. There will be free tea/coffee and biscuits in the bar before the screening.

Based on a real scandal.

Thursday evening's film Bombshell is as entertaining as it is shocking. Performances from the fiercely, talented Kidman, Robbie and Theron.

What a difference a day makes.

Hollywood is growing up…Waves is a graduation from the usual high school movie, Friday evening.

Time is the enemy.

Tickets are selling fast for 1917 and we are hoping for a Saturday night sellout out.

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