Portsmouth’s rich cinematic history

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Back to all posts The Odeon on London Road, North End was one of the many cinemas that Portsmouth had to offer...

Between 1910 and 2008, Portsmouth was proud host to an incredible wealth of over twenty five cinemas. To the last brick they have been abandoned, demolished, bombed or converted but we know that many of you have wonderful fond memories of these ‘palaces of wonder’. The Gaiety, The Southsea Electric, The Scala, The Rex, The Rialto, The Essoldo are just a few of the magical names that conjure up Portsmouth’s cinema heritage.

No6 is making a short film about these fantasy emporiums and would love to hear your stories and memories of some of the lost cinemas of Portsmouth.

Do come and chat to us in the bar before screenings, message us on social media or email us at [email protected]. We want to hear your special memories of sitting in the cinema as the lights dimmed and you were transported to other places.

A look at the life and work of Charlie Chaplin in his own words featuring an in-depth interview he gave to Life magazine in 1966.

The Real Charlie Chaplin gives a clear eyed view of his life and works on Thursday evening. It delves deep into Chaplin’s back catalogue, it will make you happy that it fell to Chaplin to be Chaplin, not you.

Three female characters and their complicated romances are depicted in three parts, tracing the trajectories between their choices and regrets.

On Friday night we have a Japanese film for you, Wheel of Fantasy and Fortune. It includes a love triangle, seduction, traps, tricks and revenge…all revolving round the lives of women in love.

While on vacation on the Nile, Hercule Poirot must investigate the murder of a young heiress.

Kick back on Saturday night with the sumptuous all star cast of Death on the Nile. Sublime Poirot…and a larger than average moustache.

Coming soon...

Jules et Jim is 60 years old but remains an ageless beauty of a film. Showing at No6 on Friday 25th March at 7pm.

Decades of a love triangle concerning two friends and an impulsive woman.

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