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Back to all posts Starting at 6.30pm NOT 7pm as shown in our printed programme.

Please note that My Generation with Michael Caine and live Q&A on Wednesday evening starts at 6.30pm and not 7.00pm as printed in the paper programme. There will be no adverts or trailers so you need to be in your seats by 6.30. Please, please try to be on time as many of our volunteers who give their time would like to see the film and would like to get in at the start.

See the 60's through the eyes of Michael Caine on Wednesday 14th March at 6.30pm

Wednesday at 6.30pm - Jump into an intoxicating playpen of psychedelic pop art and culture with Michael Caine and My Generation. Michael was part of a generation of working class kids who burst onto the scene in the ’60’s and changed the face of British youth culture forever. 

A missing child. A marriage destroyed. A country in crisis, on Thursday 15th March

Loveless on Thursday night turns the usual custody battle on it’s head. From the director of Leviathan it shows a toxic marriage in decay. What fun, make it a date and see a film worth talking about.

Discover the unsolved mystery that shocked the world, on Friday 16th March

The Mercy on Friday night will probably be preceded by a short film with original footage of Donald Crowhurst, his family and our very own local celebrity sailor Robin Knox Johnson himself who I think you’ll agree, back in the day was a bit of a hunk.

Whatever you do, do it carefully on Saturday 17th of March

Gothic romance is up for grabs this Saturday in Phantom Thread. D.D. Lewis says it’s his last film but Vicky Krieps is an awesome newcomer - one out one in so to speak.

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