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Back to all posts We are happy to be showing this blockbuster, Mary Poppins Returns, on Sat 26th Jan & Thurs 14th Feb

Sometimes we get asked why we include mainstream films in our programme.  Well, the simple answer is money.  Although we bill ourselves as an indie cinema, screening mainly arthouse and world cinema titles the sad truth is that the cinema would crumble without the income generated from screening the bigger pictures.  The main remit for No. 6 Cinema is to show arthouse, foreign, classic and documentary film, and many volunteers lovingly give up their time to run the cinema but we have fixed costs like any other business, renting the auditorium, printing, advertising and website, plus a large and unavoidable cost: security.  It’s mandatory to have security on the gate, two security guards minimum of five hours…..we need enough people attending to cover our costs and sadly although some of the more niche films are brilliant they don’t fill the house the way a mainstream movie does.  Onwards and upwards, here are the films available for your delectation this week….

The most amazing, incredible, remarkable true story ever told. And we are showing it on Thurs 10th Jan at 7pm

Shocker alert for Thursday’s film, Three Identical Strangers. Any American scandal has to include a conspiracy theory and this film with it’s darker side is no exception, three happy children become three unhappy adults.

A conspiracy of madness, at No6 on Fri 11th Jan at 7pm

Bunny Lake is Missing on Friday night is part of our Monstrous Feminine season. A film by Otto Preminger which embraces his expert use of the wide screen (No6’s speciality) explores maternity and insanity. With a lot of luck we hope to welcome Dr Esther Sonnet to give us a short introduction to the film.

The legend of Lizzie Borden will be told on Sat 12th Jan at 7pm at No6 Cinema

Mom and Pop slayer movie with a distinctly feminist twist: Lizzie on Saturday Night.

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