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Back to all posts A great time was had by all at the Love Southsea Market

It was so nice to see so many friendly faces at the Love Southsea market in Palmerston Road on Saturday, we talked film until we were hoarse and gave away millions of posters which are hopefully now gracing the walls of many a home, school, college or studio.
I’m sure all the volunteers at No6 will join me in offering a warm welcome to all the new subscribers who signed up to the weekly email and look forward to making future or first visits to Boathouse 6 a gratifying experience.

A film director reflects on the choices he's made in life as past and present come crashing down around him.

Pain and Glory (and exquisite cinematography) is our matinee screening on Thursday: we will be offering the usual free tea/coffee and biscuits to all customers for this afternoon delight that starts at 4.15pm.

Filmed on his final tour in 2018, Billy Connolly's whip smart routine is a riotous journey filled with outrageous tales and blistering observations of everyday absurdities.

Sex Life of Bandages is in cinemas for one night only and that night is Thursday Night. Legendary Scot Billy Connelly toured the world for 50 years, this big screen tribute pays homage to an icon of comedy with his sharp witted observations and hilarious routines.
Tickets £10.00, 25’s and under £5.00. No vouchers or loyalty cards accepted for this event.

Some friendships are wild at heart.

Remember The Liver Birds? I think Animals on Friday night is an updated but similar scenario, set in Dublin and fuelled by lots of sex and drugs: looks like the girls are having more fun than Carla Lane’s gals ever did!

Only one can light the way.

I’m hoping that Saturday Night’s film The Current War will finally explain to me the difference between AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current), a great story of conflicting technologies that still resonates today…anyone remember Betamax and VHS?? these battles still go on.

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