Summer Treats

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Back to all posts Isle of Dogs, coming soon to No6 Cinema

Our May/June programme is in the pipeline and boy do we have some Summer Treats in store. We have classics, we have animation, we have live streaming events, we have students films, we have quality mainstream, we have films for Portsmouth Festivities and last but not least we have the Isle of Dogs. Hold on to your hats Wes Anderson fans, this new film will fill your boots so hold on to them too! The paper programme will be available soon after Easter and if you are itching to book online the new programme will be online very soon too.

Innocence lost…courage found, on Thursday 29th at 7pm

Thursday’s film this week is Journey’s End: R.C. Sheriff’s classic play has been turned into a film on the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1, although it’s set in the trenches it is more about humanity than war. That’s the delight of great writing isn’t it? Rotten Tomatoes 94% Guardian 4*  - well recommended!

An unprecedented battle between the press and the government, on Friday 30th at 7pm

Now we’re no longer sure of what is news and what isn’t anymore, The Post on Friday is a refreshing newspaper story based on the truth. Spielberg always has a good yarn to spin.

The greatest adventure of all is finding our place in the circle of life, on Saturday 31st at 7pm

Disney perfection on Saturday night we have the 1994 classic The Lion King: ahead of the new film being released next year we are so happy to see this old favourite on our big screen. Bring the kids old and young.

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