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Just a quick thank you to all for the lovely comments about John on our Facebook page. Well deserved tributes which we will hold onto with both hands as we endeavour to run the cinema in his absence.

Hero. Icon. Dissenter.

Films on the slate this week at No6 are as usual varied and interesting, starting on Thursday 4th Feb at 7pm we have an inspiring film RBG about the Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. All left wing liberal lefties are hoping she hangs on long enough to prevent Trump from appointing another of his hard liners to the Supreme Court and tipping the balance to the right for many years to come.

You can’t put this hero in a box.

Friday's film Welcome to Marwen explores a unique and creative method of dealing with trauma. 

It is important to make new friends in court, is it not?

And finally on Saturday night the punk version of history. With 10 Oscar nominations under its belt The Favourite looks set to sweep away a few prizes. Witty, satirical and starring the British favourite Olivia Coleman, tickets are selling fast.

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