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Back to all posts Jojo Rabbit is in the running for some Oscars this year, who is your favourite to win?

Are we all a bit jaded by the awards season? I think the answer is more than likely yes, however, don’t give up yet, 'The Big One' is just around the corner. The Oscar winners will be announced on Sunday 9th Feb. Winning an Oscar always piques a bit more interest than the rest of the awards so why not put your predictions to good use and take part in our Predict the Winners competition, those machinations could win you a couple of free tickets. Pick up an entry form in the bar which always opens at 6.15 for a pre film drink. Our friendly volunteers are aways there to serve you and enter a discussion about any film you care to mention, after all we are all there because we love films and we love to talk about them!

The ultimate theatrical experience.

Mother Nature is beautiful and enraged: Aquarela on Thursday evening is like a National Geographic article on speed.

Television will never be the same.

Our Friday film Network proves our Dark Prophecies hypothesis (grim tales of moral and spiritual decay as predicted by some visionary film makers) with bells on. As the media circus has evolved this 40+ year old film is entirely prescient and loaded with satirical bite.

We can be heroes.

New Zealander, Waititi who brought us the charming ‘What we do in the Shadows' and 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ has created an ingenious and timely call to action against Populism with his film Jojo Rabbit which we are screening on Saturday evening.

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