Time to split up from your sofa?

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Back to all posts The Rescue is one of many films that deserve to be seen on the big No 6 screen.

Is it time to divorce your divan and pop down to the cinema yet? We have a fabulous group of new volunteers that have joined our team, they might be ushering, behind the bar or on the box office, so if they are a little hesitant to start with we’re sure you’ll understand whilst they find their feet.

If you fancy a drink in the bar or to take into the auditorium (yes you can) please come down a few minutes earlier than you might otherwise so we can avoid those last minute scrambles and queues at the bar. It takes a moment to serve our lovely bottle conditioned beers from Fallen Acorn and it will probably take time to read the indecipherable labels on the ice cream tubs. Our bar opens at 6.15pm so meet a friend or discuss your favourite films with our film fan volunteers before the main feature.

Courage runs deep.

Thursday night’s film The Rescue was made by the same team that brought us another death defying documentary Free Solo. How anyone managed to film, document and survive the rescue of those young Thai footballers is truly awesome.

It began as a holiday…

The French Dispatch on Friday and Saturday is a love letter to journalists. Brought to you by Wes’s regular troupe plus some newbies, it may be so overwhelming that you may need to see it twice, so it's lucky you can!

Coming Soon...

Mothering Sunday starring Olivia Coleman is lush, languid and laced with ennui. Screening at No6 on Friday 3rd December.

A tale of forbidden love, based on the novel by Graham Swift

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