Tom Cruise’s Hero - possibly!

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Back to all posts Another screening of Free Solo on Thursday 28th at 7pm

Who’s heart wasn’t in their mouth when Ethan Hunt hero of Mission Impossible 2’s scaled a vertiginous rock face ostensibly without any safety ropes.  Of course we all knew there were lines to save Tom or his stunt double from falling to certain death should they stumble but in Free Solothere really were no ropes so your heart will justifiably be in your mouth and your palms will be very, very sweaty. 
Showing on our amazing screen for the second time on Thursday 28th Feb at 7.00pm tickets are selling fast so get in quick if you want to secure your seat.

One of the most important directors in modern history.

On Thursday night film-maker Jane Magnusson chooses 1957 to illustrate Bergman: A Year in the Life. He worked at lethal speed on low budgets which explains his huge output. Warts and all documentary about a great director who could be quite an unpleasant character.

The story of a friendship.

The Upside on Friday night is a good solid buddy movie, funny and touching, drama and comedy.

The untold story of the world’s greatest comedy team.

Laugh and cry on Saturday night with Stan and Ollie. Have a thoroughly good time with this sweet and tender tribute to those all time favourites of the silver screen.

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