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Back to all posts We haven't gone anywhere - we are still here and showing Bohemian Rhapsody Singalong this Saturday evening at 7pm

I was saddened to hear this week a rumour that we are closing down, we’re not, we’re still here and still showing some of the best films around in one of the most beautiful buildings in the area. Our May/June programme is now up on the website and you will be able to find our printed programmes in their usual haunts by the end of the week.

We are collaborating with a number of organisations over the summer including Portsmouth Football Club, Portsmouth Festivities, Journeys Festival International, final year students at the Uni, NMRN and the final screening before our summer break is a fundraiser for Rowan’s Hospice and Lymphoma Research Foundation.

The final act of the world’s greatest playwright, our matinee screening at 4.15pm on Thurs 18th April

Our monthly matinee this Thursday is All is True, a film that mixes truth with conjecture. What isn’t conjecture, it is the truth, we’ll be serving free tea and biscuits before the film, the price of a ticket is less than our evening ticket prices, that the film will be shown with subtitles and starts at 4.15pm.

A breakout performance, on Thursday evening at 7pm

Our evening film on Thursday is called Girl and goes to show that transitioning from male to female whilst training to be a ballet dancer isn’t trouble free even if all around are supportive.

Someone's Taken Their Love Of Scary Movies One Step Too Far. on Friday 19th at 7pm

Scream on Friday is the penultimate movie in our season of Monstrous Feminine films. It is a lesson in how to subvert a genre but all the while paying it homage.

Join in with this singalong edition on Saturday 20th April at 7pm

Saturday night is Bohemian Rhapsody Singalongnight, time to dust off those vocal chords, tap your feet and soak up those classic Queen anthems.
All our online tickets are sold out but we will have 40 tickets on the door from 6.15pm onwards for earlybirds to come by and buy.

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