What are you doing this week?

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Do your plans include a trip to No6? It does? Excellent, see you down there!

Show the world that you were never ordinary, on Thursday 19th at 4.15pm

Our second screening of Rocketman is at 4.15pm on Thursday. It will be a subtitled screening - great if you are hard of hearing or just want to sing along to all those fabulous songs. Join us for free tea/coffee and biscuits in the cafe before the film, I think we have some chocolate ones.

From the writer/director of Son of Saul... on Thursday 19th Sept at 7pm

Son of Saul director, Laszlo Nemes, brings us his new film on Thursday evening, Sunset. Filmed in Budapest it is a puzzler but there is much in it to be admired especially the performance of newcomer Juli Jakab.

The road to survival could be a dead end on Fri 20th Sept at 7pm

Friday night’s film is a Jarmuschian comedy horror called The Dead Don’t Die. With an ‘A’ list cast it’s going to be a gas being in their company for the evening.

The love story that inspired Virginia Woolf’s Orlando.

Vita and Virginia is a beautiful and evocative period drama so if you need to scratch the Downton Abbey itch then Saturday Night’s film is right up your alley.

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