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Back to all posts Come and meet the Horror-Film Stars of the future at No6 on 16th Nov

Have you ever wondered how a film maker becomes an overnight sensation? Well it all starts with years and years of dogged hard, hard work. No6 appreciates the dedication, determination and all the sacrifices that it takes to reach for the stars so we are pleased to offer our support by hosting a horror film festival in partnership with a group of young film makers under the group guise of Pastel Wasteland.

On Saturday 16th November we will be handing over to Pastel Wasteland who will be screening two slots of curated shorts submitted from film makers around the world, offering prizes for the best in show and screening the Premiere of their very own film ‘I am an Addict’.

The bar will be open and there will be plenty of time to chat to some of the film makers, offer your thoughts, support and plaudits.

Doors will open at 13.00, tickets are £10.00, and can be booked here.

The Gladiator Who Defied an Empire, on Thursday 17th Oct at No6

Masterful story telling never goes to of fashion, Russell Crowe is vital, visceral and pulse quickening in Gladiator on Thursday night.

For anyone who has ever wanted to dream, you are not alone. Fri 18th Oct at No6.

With a 91% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, Blinded by the Light on Friday will remind us what it’s like to be enraptured by a rock idol. And as ‘The Boss’ says “Nobody wins unless everybody wins.”

Let the festivities begin on Saturday 19th October

Everybody is up for some Scandi horror on Saturday night right? Midsommar is Ari Aster’s dread soaked cinematic fairy tale, it looks gorgeously cinematic and horrifying in equal measure…

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