Arthouse to Hollywood and everything in-between

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Back to all posts We kick off our Autumn season with The Happy Prince on Thursday 6th of September

No6 is back with a bang and a sizzling selection of superb cinema to tempt you into the dark. From Arthouse to Hollywood and everything in-between No6 has something for everyone. Our programme maybe somewhat quirky but our aim is to bring you films that are intriguing, informative, enlightening and above all entertaining. So do join us, come and say hello to our happy band of dedicated volunteers who are looking forward to welcoming back all our fantastic and similarly dedicated customers.

Discover the story of Oscar Wilde’s lost years at No6 on Thurs 6th Sept at 7pm

We start the season on Thursday with The Happy Prince, it’s a film that is simultaneously bleak and warm-spirited. Wilde was posthumously ‘pardoned’ but in these more enlightened times is feels as though Wilde should have been doing the pardoning.

All the music; All the stories; All the answers at No6 on Fri 7th Sept at 7pm

Feel your tear ducts begin to prickle on Friday night when you watch Kevin Macdonald’s moving, insightful and revealing documentary about Whitney Houston. The rise and fall of Whitney is an amazing story, her mother Cissy is only too happy to talk of how she helped with her rise but rather quieter when it comes to telling the story of her fall. Don’t we still miss her incredible voice?

It’s time to get back to being incredible at No6 on Sat 8th Sept at 7pm

Talking of incredible, our Saturday night film is Incredibles 2. Rarely is a sequel better than the original but this film bucks the trend and provides perfect, snappy and chucklesome entertainment for all ages. For the design conscious amongst you Incredibles 2 features a rare treat of some fab future-retro furniture and architectural design…

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