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Back to all posts Little Women is showing this Saturday, 1st Feb, at 7pm

We recently hosted a screening for some students and a number of them very kindly filled in the questionnaire that we foisted on them when they arrived. When asked a question about seeing a film at home or at the cinema, it was very heartening to read some of their responses.

   “ Nice to be in a different environment, sound is louder and more effective.”
   “ Better experience of film.”
   “ In the cinema you live the adventure and feel the atmosphere.”

Of course we agree, there’s no substitute to seeing a film on a really big screen, with other people and where everything looks better.
The answer to the question - ‘ Would you rather see a film in the cinema?’ was overwhelmingly - YES!  Of course we agree!

Part man. Part machine. All cop. The future of law enforcement.

‘Part machine, part man, all cop’ that’s Robocop summed up! See him clean up the crime ridden streets of Detroit and defeat the forces of evil on Thursday evening.

A people whose lives are shaped by conflict but not defined by it.

Gaza on Friday evening will be introduced by Dr Yael Friedman, expert in World and Transnational Cinema. A range of goods will be sold in the box office area in support of Palestinian farmers.

Own your story.

Saturday Night’s film Little Women has been received with enormous warmth. One of the freshest adaptations of the year.

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