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Back to all posts Marriage Story will be showing on Friday 3rd Jan at 7pm

Just before Christmas we took a chance and screened The Irishman, Scorsese’s latest block buster at No6 despite it being available to stream on Netflix. Other cinemas such as Vue and Picturehouse have made a policy decision not to screen any films that haven’t been given a decent period of time on theatrical release (including Curzon titles) before being available to stream on demand. This gives No6 an exclusive opportunity to screen these films in our independently minded cinema for our discerning audiences.

Luckily it seems that there are still a good number of people who appreciate seeing these works of cinematic art on a big screen in the cinema so we have two more Netflix titles coming up this week and hope that there is enough support amongst our cinema loving community to make this risk pay off. The money that is spent on these productions is massive so really it seems a shame not to see them bigged up on the biggest screen in the neighbourhood.

To explain a bit more about the rise of streaming and the role of film in the age of streaming, Simon Hobbs lecturer at UoP will be giving a short talk before The Two Popes on Saturday evening. We do hope you can join us and help usher in a fantastic and Happy New Year.

A man is given the chance to revisit a past era in his life.

La Belle Epoque on Thursday evening is a tour de escapism, a French Richard Curtis style rom-com crowd pleaser.

Sometimes the ending is where the story begins.

On Friday evening we have Marriage Story,  "it’s about to become “a street fight”, in which legality trumps love and “genius” becomes an “asset”, the spoils of which must be divided equally.”

Inspired by true events.

Unexpectedly entertaining, two elderly men politely wrestling with ideology...The Two Popes on Saturday night.

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