Check out the bar and bistro in BH4.

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If you haven’t visited the restaurant in Boathouse 4 yet you are missing a treat. Although not quite as beautiful a building as our best beloved Boathouse 6 (slightly biased), it does have the best outlook over the water and The Warrior. Once you have wended your way to the brasserie past all the wooden boats in various states of repair, a lovely restaurant serving fabulous food awaits the intrepid foodie. The restaurant will be open for Valentine’s evening and even if you’re not coming to see Twelfth Night at No6 it would make a great place for a romantic meal a deux. From Sat 17th March the restaurant will be open every Saturday, you do not need to buy a ticket for the dockyard to gain entrance to BH4. The phone number for bookings is 02392 826077.

Lights! Camera! Afghanistan! on Thursday 8th Feb

The Prince of Nothingwood on Thursday evening is just the type of film we love to showcase at No6, it gives us an alternative narrative about a country that we only ever hear about in terms of war, terrorism and suffering: Afghanistan. This film shows a different, more human side of a group of people who care more for cinema than for their own safety.

Believe in Beauty, Truth, Freedom, and above all, Love, on Friday 9th Feb

For Friday night’s delectation it’s Moulin Rouge on the slate. Baz has built himself a reputation and this dazzling musical romance sees him go for it at full throttle!

The impossible comes true, on Saturday 10th Feb

Hot on the heels of Moulin Rouge we have another musical delight on Saturday Night. Justin Paul of La La Land provenance wrote the music which is delivered in a mesmerising performance by Hugh Jackman et al in The Greatest Showman.
Your dreams CAN come true!

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