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Back to all posts New year, new beer! Come enjoy a pint and the highly rated 'Sorry to Bother You' on Friday 18th Jan

Just in! A new year delivery of Fallen Acorn Brewery’s unique beers. Along with our regular selection of soft drinks, wines and beverages we stock the regular ever popular Hole Hearted: a top notch beer which has won many prizes, it’s the brewery’s flagship golden ale, made with cascade hops it packs a powerful flavour punch and comes in at 4.7% ABV. Twisted Oak on the other hand has an initially malty start but a hoppy finish, middling to strong at 4% ABV.
And for the very first time we have lashings of Mumby’s Ginger Pale Ale 3.9% ABV, it has a fiery, fruity and refreshing flavour. Ginger is also one of the flavours of Northney Farm’s famous and fabulous ice creams, maybe indulge in a ginger beer and a ginger ice cream for double joy! Drinks can be taken in to the cinema and enjoyed whilst watching the film.

More than body... come and watch at No6 on Thursday 17th Jan '19

TS Eliot’s poetic line “….preparing a face to meet the faces you meet…”  seems an apt quote for Thursday’s film Mug. A Polish film which will have you thinking about what lies beneath the surface of a carefully manufactured image.

Destiny is calling at No6 on Friday 18th Jan

Sorry to Bother You is Boots Riley’s wonderfully impressive debut film. It bodes well for the future of the comedy genre and will hopefully give us all a lift in the sense of humour department on Friday night.

Desire. Obsession. Betrayal. In full bloom. Saturday 19th Jan at No6 Cinema.

Saturday night’s film Tulip Fever follows a fascinating moment in Dutch history. This nutty 17th century melodrama, screenplay by Tom Stoppard based on a book by Deborah Moggach will make you gaze upon a bunch of tulips with a different perspective in future.

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