Crazy Times!

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Back to all posts Fight Club is 20! Come and see it at No6 this June

One of the raisons d’être of cinema is to create an escape zone where one can sit in a darkened auditorium with a glass of something in ones hand and completely remove oneself from real life for a couple of hours: no one needs it more than we do in these tumultuous times. So when things hit rock bottom come May and June here's hoping that we’ll have the perfect film or event to lure you into the cinema and distract you from all that politicking. 

Although not up on the website yet, but just for starters and to whet your appetite, No6 will be hosting a number of exciting and diverting events over the May/June period. These include; a film about the fans take over of Pompey Football Club (no title as yet but already in the diary, Weds 22nd May and Weds 29th May) a special screening for Refugee Week (Finding Soraya on Weds 19th June), an evening dedicated to commemorating D.Day 75 (Overlord 75 on Thurs 6th June) three special films for Portsmouth Festivities 20th Anniversary (All About My Mother on Thurs 20th June Fight Club on Fri 21st June and on Sat 22nd June, we will be showing The Iron Giant) and finally a fundraiser in memory and honour of our beloved Chair, John Holland. (Moonrise Kingdom on Sat 29th June) All profits from this event will go to Lymphoma Research and Rowan’s Hospice.

“Why are you suing your parents?" "For giving me life."

No simpering, martyr-ish child acting in Thursday’s film Capernaum, this child is intimately acquainted with poverty and is angry, sweary and violent. 

Trust love all the way.

Anyone remember our screening of I am Not Your Negro? a film about the writer and activist James Baldwin….well, If Beale Street Could Talk is one of his novels brought to life on the big screen by Oscar winning director Barry Jenkins. He has the knack of taking a universal theme and making it personal. He did just that in Moonlight and triumphs again in Friday’s film.

Everything can start again.

With a whiff of ‘both side-ism’, our Saturday night film The Aftermath is set amongst post WW2 rubble.

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