Graduation: it’s that time of year again!

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Back to all posts Student screening night is back on 30th May at 7pm.

With all the recent excitement in the city, one may be forgiven for thinking that the only institution in Portsmouth is the football club! However, let’s not forget the University and all the students that will be graduating this summer. For the last few years we have dedicated an evening in our film calendar to celebrating the talent of third year film industries students. It is a chance for budding film makers to see their productions on the big screen and get a sense of what it’s like to see their work in a cinema. The Student Screening Night this year is on Thursday 30th May at 7.00pm. It’s such a fun night, the excitement is palpable and spirits are high. Tickets are £3.00.

The remarkable story of how Pompey were saved, told by the people that loved them most.

We are doing a few Wednesday’s this summer so we can fit everything we want to in! This Wed is the first public screening of Our Club. All of the online tickets are already sold out, we will have a handful on the door (20). We will not be selling them before 6.15pm

The story behind America’s most notorious serial killer.

They say that love is blind and Ted Bundy’s girlfriend certainly was. Thursday night’s film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile is the horrifying story of serial killer Ted Bundy from his girlfriend’s point of view.

Everyone needs a friend.

Isabelle Huppert is always terrifyingly good. In Friday’s film she is just plain terrifying…..she plays Greta; a French piano teacher in New York. Should Huppert be the next Bond villain? Yes she should, she could but would she?

Seduction, hedonism, power, scandal.

Saturday night’s film is Loro. Sorrentino does the best raucous party scenes ever and Toni Servillo as Berlusconi is utterly sublime, he’s got him bang to rights even down to the hairline.

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