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Back to all posts Oscar winning Green Book is a story based on a true friendship...come and watch with your friends at No6 on Thurs 21st March

Well, well, well! Green Book wins the Oscar for best picture! Screening on Thursday 21st at 7.00pm the main feature will be preceded by a short film called ‘Passed Me By’ which comes in at a mere 1min 20 secs. Made by students on the Film Production course at Portsmouth University, these young film makers could be the Oscar winners of the future. We live in hope that No6 will get a mention in their Oscar acceptance speech!

She shocked the yachting world and proved that women are the equal of men.

Maiden on Thursday starts earlier than usual, it begins at 6.15pm. It’s always good to see the inglorious work that goes in behind the scenes to achieve the incredible, and wonderful to see that these sailors are real people and not just feminist archetypes.

A true story of addition, survival and family.

Join the growing band of Chalamet fans on Friday night for Beautiful Boy.  

Based on the True Story You Were Never Supposed to Know.

Vice on Saturday night: American politics, what can one say?

Her story made history.

Coming soon….

On the Basis of Sex - we would have preferred the title ‘On the Basis of Gender’ but hey, what do we know? If you saw RBG, this is a dramatised version of Ruth Bader Ginsburg stellar achievements and is showing at No6 on Friday 5th April.

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