Gridlock at Gunwharf

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Just a quick heads up that Gunwharf’s firework display this year is on Thursday 8th Nov at 6.00pm. It coincides with our screening of Lucky so please still come for this lovely film but maybe just leave a little extra time to negotiate the traffic if you are arriving by car or bus.

The performance of a lifetime.

It has been said that a film starring Harry Dean Stanton cannot be bad and we have two films this week that prove that point unequivocally. Thursday’s film is Lucky, Stanton’s penultimate film, it is the sad sweet story of a cantankerous old man who brings all his 90 years of experience to this filmic one man show.

In space, no one can hear you scream.

Friday’s film Alien is part of our Monstrous Feminine Season but all are welcome to enjoy it on any level they like. If you have a mind to though, look out for the many references to ‘the archaic mother’, the mothership, ‘The Mother’ (as computer) eggs, and birth and the fact that the last girl is Ripley a woman with the potential to spawn a series of films…. oh and don’t forget our Little Quiz of Horrors in the bar before the screening. 6.15 onwards, the film starts a little later at 7.30. And as all you aficionados know this film also stars Harry Dean Stanton, bingo bango you already have a point for the quiz!

A writer has to be read.

Will Glenn Close finally receive an Oscar for her stand out performance in our Saturday film The Wife? She richly deserves one for all the great roles she has played over the years and definitely for this one. This is a film that most women will identify with to a greater or lesser degree, come and see what you think.

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