Lawrence of Arabia starts at 6.00pm

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Back to all posts A Mighty Motion Picture of Action And Adventure! on Saturday 26th May at 6pm

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What's it all about on Thurs 24th May at 7pm?

We are paying homage to some of the most iconic films of the ’60’s this week. Starting on Thursday 24th May at 7pm with Alfie. He loves, loves, loves sex, but his pleasure leaves a trail of misery. It will look dated but there’s no harm is revisiting those attitudes of the time and what about that mise-en-scene, London in the swinging sixties. We loved Michael Caine's tribute film My Generation, now you can see him in all his gorgeousness wreaking havoc amongst the female population.

If they hear you, they hunt you on Fri 25th May at 7pm

Prepare to have your nerves shredded on Friday night at 7pm, A Quiet Place is the ultimate game of hide and seek. Please, please NO noisy noshing in this film!

A Mighty Motion Picture of Action And Adventure! on Sat 26th at 6pm

Have I mentioned yet that Lawrence of Arabia on Saturday night starts at 6.00pm! This film is very long as every epic should be, so we will start early and there will be an interval. I personally have wanted to see this film on our amazing screen for ages now, so do join me to relish this classic movie.

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