Nov/Dec programme now available…yippee!

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Back to all posts Inna De Yard will be showing this Thursday, the weather outside may be chilly but we can visit Jamaica for a few hours.

Yes the clocks will be falling back an hour at the end of Oct so it’s a good thing that there are lots of bright times ahead at No6 Cinema. Our Nov/Dec programme is up on the website and the paper programme has arrived from the printers, it will be distributed to all our drop off points around the city as quickly as our little legs can carry us. In the meantime plenty to get our teeth into….

The soul of Jamaica, on Thursday 24th Oct at 7pm

Inna de Yard on Thursday night has been billed as the Jamaican Buena Vista Social Club: turn the charisma dial up to eleven as these unplugged musicians help us celebrate Black History Month.

Millions of crabs make their ancient annual voyage from the jungle to the oceans edge, while thousands of asylum seekers are detained indefinitely in a high security facility. Showing Fri 24th Oct at 7pm

Delighted to be teaming up again with Journeys Festival International on Friday evening for the screening of Island of the Hungry Ghosts, of an extraordinary film about the ‘warehousing’ of asylum seekers by the Australian Govt on Christmas Island and the migratory habits of crabs… interesting premise which I look forward to seeing resolved through the medium of film.

They've been expecting you.

Oh, Oh, Oh Saturday Night is Downtie night….a movie that knows what’s what and doesn’t disappoint. A quote from the Dowager Dame Maggie may well go down in cinema history “I don’t argue, I explain.” - I’ve already seen a tee shirt with it on! So book on our website for Downton Abbey on Saturday night or for our matinee (HOH) on Thursday 28th Nov.

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