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Back to all posts Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom is showing on Saturday 23rd June at No6

Have you picked up your Portsmouth Festivities booklet yet? When you do you will find that it is packed with an eclectic mix of arts, heritage and cultural events - something to suit all tastes. No6’s contribution to the Festivities this year is The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner starring the very youthful Tom Courtenay as an angry young man in his 1962 film debut on Thursday June 21st and to celebrate not only the Festivities theme of ‘Freedom’ but also the 100th anniversary of Mandela’s birth we will be showing Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom on Saturday June 23rd. With all that running and walking don’t feel too exhausted to book your tickets online via our website.

A stirring battle for the land, on Thursday 5th April at No6

Onwards and upwards: this week’s film extravaganza at No6 kicks off with Dark River on Thursday evening. From the director of The Selfish Giant, Clio Bernard, this is a story not only of a Dark River but also a dark history set in a grey, gritty pastoral space.

Fitting in is overrated, on Friday 6th April at No6

From a dark river to a dark comedy on Friday evening, I, Tonya is a story that proves that truth is stranger than fiction. Tonya Harding was vilified as the bad girl of skating but this film goes some way to explain some of her back story. Her ambitious mother and her abusive ex-husband all playing their part in her rise and fall….. not only that, Allison Janney of West Wing fame won the Oscar for best supporting actress this year.

Sometimes you need a push in the right direction, on Saturday 7th April at No6

And so to Saturday night when all you want to do is buy a glass of wine, sit back, relax and be entertained by the classiest cast of British actors around. Finding your Feet is a straight forward drama that is cosy, casual and brings unexpected joy.

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