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Yes it’s that time again, time to clear the archives, sort out the broom cupboard and generally have a clean sweep. On Thursday we will be having a poster sale! Please don’t ask for a catalogue it’s just a question of coming down and having a riffle through what we have got and seeing if there is anything there that appeals to you. Prices will vary but will start from £1.00 and all proceeds will go into the No6 coffers. If you love a film, what better way to celebrate it than to have the poster on your wall at home, plus you can regularly drool over your favourite film star whilst pretending that it’s the film you love. Sale starts at 3.30, please tell security on the gate that you are visiting the cinema.

Everyone is a suspect, on Thursday 18th January at 4.15pm

Thursday Matinee: Starting at 4.15pm Murder on the Orient Express. Smell the steam and don’t forget your free tea/coffee and biscuit. Pre-price rise ticket prices apply; £6.50 concession, £8.00 full price and don’t forget if you are 25 or under all tickets are £5.00 for this and every screening.

When there is nowhere to go, nowhere is home, on Thursday 18th January at 7pm

Thursday evening’s film, Human Flow, is Ai Weiwei’s haunting look at the staggering scale of the refugee crisis and its impact at human level. His heightened visual sense generates some haunting images, the film is long but so is the road.

It took a woman to unlock the secret of early man, on Friday 19th January at 7pm

Jane on Friday evening is the story of Jane Goodall who went to study primates and the changed thinking on their behaviour forever. This film features her own previously unseen footage from the ’60’s, it has been tucked away in the archives for ages, it’s about time it saw the light of day.

There's more than one way to become a legend, on Saturday 20th January at 7pm

It isn’t essential to have seen ‘The Room’ to thoroughly enjoy The Disaster Artist. The film, showing on Saturday evening, is an affectionate portrait of Tommy Wiseau who was reputed to have made the worst film…ever, ironically it may well win at the Oscars, certainly a that would be a neater twist as any that you might see at the movies!

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