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Pretty much top of our poll of requested musicals was The Rocky Horror Picture Show and as such we are delighted to be screening this cult classic as our offering on the altar of Halloween high jinx. Dress is according to your taste and to literally titivate your taste buds we’ll be serving Rocky Horror Show themed canapés! There will be a prize for the best costume and other attractions which are still being organised and are currently only to be found in the deep, dark depths of our minds!

Wednesday night and it’s Shakespeare night, a powerful play from the pen of the Upstart Crow performed by the perfect Royal Shakespeare Company. Coriolanus is the story of the struggle between the rich and poor, what’s new I hear you say….nothing as far as I can see, but how did the Romans sort things out? This is a live streaming from Stratford-upon-Avon.

A bit more of a gentle production on Thursday night. The Graduate with its beautiful and iconic soundtrack by Simon and Garfunkel will be preceded by a short talk by Peter Kramer, expert on popular culture of the ’60’s.

The Limehouse Golem on Friday night stars Bill Nighy and promises to be a grisly, ghoulish, ghastly, gothic East End melodrama. Not to be missed on any account.

Looking for romance on a Saturday night? God’s own Country has been billed as the Brokeback Mountain of Yorkshire. This powerful film is very moving and deals with many wider issues not just heartwarming love in a cold, wild landscape.

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