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Back to all posts Celebrate the good life with a good glass of good wine this week at No6

As well as the usual delicious Prosecco we will be serving before our Valentine’s film, Love Story, we have decided to embrace the spirit of La Dolce Vita, up the wine stakes and invest in a few bottles of special Italian plonk to sell in the bar before the film. So many beautiful wines to choose from and enjoy, what will it be, Chianti, Gavi, Montepulchiano? Come and see and raise a glass to Fellini.

"This is the story of the world's secret that only she and I know"

Japan’s highest grossing film of 2019 was Weathering with You, screening on Thursday night it is a typhoon infused fantasy. We’d all love to have the power to stop the rain occasionally….

Love means never having to say you're sorry

Is Love Story your guilty pleasure? See it on Friday night…. 3 handkerchiefs even for the hardboiled.

The Roman Scandals - Bound to shock with its truth!

La Dolce Vita on Saturday night will be even more delightful and immersive with a glass of Italian red in your hand…

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