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Back to all posts The Irishman is one of the films to be seen at No6 on the biggest of screens.

Fed up with peering at small images on a phone or tablet? Then join us at No6 for a visual experience second to none on our bigger than average, extra large cinema screen. Our film on Thursday follows a couple, Molly and John, who in an effort to escape the small screen media world, moved out of LA, bought a farm and started to rebuild its depleted soil using traditional and environmentally friendly methods: an idea somewhat akin to Isabella Tree’s book ‘Wilding’ project at her family estate, Knepp in West Sussex. John Chester has the skill and empathy of a wildlife photographer which guarantees a lush and larger than life visual feast. Our second opportunity to buck the small screen trend is to see The Irishman on Saturday night, join us for this epic encounter.

A vital blueprint for better living and a healthier planet on Thursday 12th Dec at 7pm

Thursday’s film The Biggest Little Farm will have us older cinema goers raising a glass in memory of Tom and Barbara from the classic BBC TV series ’The Good Life’!

The world will shine again, on Friday 13th Dec at 7pm

Adapting a Stephen King novel is one thing, making a spiritual sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s movie The Shining, is quite another. Join us for Doctor Sleepon Friday.

His story changed history, on Saturday 14th Dec at 7pm

Scorsese scorches back to the big screen with a stonking film starring three septuagenarians. The Irishman on Saturday night: will Netflixes foray into cinema releasing pay off…..let’s hope so.

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