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Back to all posts Honey Boy will be showing on Thursday 16th Jan at 7pm

A couple of weeks ago I was struck by a comment of one of our customers when she asked if we had to pay to screen the Netflix titles that we have been showing recently. Well, the answer is yes. As with all films we pay a percentage of the box office to the distributor or a minimum guarantee. We also have to pay for security on evenings when it’s not shared with another event in the dockyard along with technician costs and rent. Even with all the above costs No6 is self supporting from ticket sales, on screen advertising and bar sales so we really appreciate everybody that turns up to support us. To give you an idea of how this relates to the screenings we need approx 50 people for each screening.

As Portsmouth's only independent cinema, we have for almost ten years been showing the kind of films that would have Odeon or Vue running for the hills. Iranian dramas, French comedies, Spanish horrors, Italian romances, classic Hollywood, arty pictures and indie experiments, we have been fuelling sophisticated conversations for a good few years. Run by a team of film loving volunteers, No6 is always looking for ways to attract new audiences and to keep people coming back for more. At a time when most chain cinemas fill their screens with a handful of American hits we want No6 to be the go-to place for those looking for something different.

A one-of-a-kind collaboration between filmmaker and subject, exploring art as medicine and imagination as hope.

Honey Boy on Thursday is Shia Labeouf’s daring therapeutic challenge. Excising his childhood demons through the medium of film….good plan for an actor.

An extraordinary tale of ordinary love.

Manville and Neeson, Ordinary Love on Friday, not ordinary at all. Conviction and force from both actors.

Be free or die.

“Don’t tell me what I can’t do….” says Harriet on Saturday night. “If I’m free, they should be too.”

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