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Back to all posts No6 tickets are the perfect gift for friends and family

Are you struggling to think of an original Christmas gift for your family and friends? If so struggle no more! Why not treat them to some tickets to the cinema? These days people are looking for experiences rather than more stuff to clutter their lives so a trip to see a fabulous film at No6 could be the answer to your Christmas woes. Available from our box office but unfortunately not from the website (too much expensive technology involved) come buy any evening that we are open.

Pecking Order is showing Thursday 23rd November at 7pm

On Thursday evening take your seat in the cinema early enough to catch the lovely short film Really Modern Times. Having trawled through the many shorts on offer this one is in my top three.
Good lookin' chickens, politics, culture, characters, ruffled feathers and egos are the essence of the film Pecking Order. I’ve watched the trailers and I can’t wait to see this slice of Kiwi life, if you’re feeling blue this film will pick you up and give you a chuckle amongst the chooks.

Cabaret is showing Friday 24th November at 7pm

Life is a Cabaret old chum…..yes it is and on Friday night we are screening the next in our chorus line of musicals. Bob Fosse’s masterpiece goes much deeper than the usual musical so you may need to join us in the bar for a snifter before entering the murky world of the Kit Kat Klub.
Before the cabaret begins we will be screening the film short: Gregory is a Dancer. Made by the Balletboyz it is the sad story of a boy who just can’t stop dancing. The Red Shoes it ain’t.

Blade Runner 2049 is showing Saturday 25th November at 7pm

Saturday Night’s film is Blade Runner 2049, yes it’s finally arrived at No6 and if you have waited to see it at No6 then we are truly grateful. This film is a rare achievement, a sequel to a classic that really nails it!
Book soon as nearly all our online tickets are sold out, there will be 50 tickets available on the door on the evening so if you are leaving it to chance get down early to avoid a bun fight.

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