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Back to all posts Nelson will be showing on Saturday 29th Sept at 7pm, as part of No6's Silent Film Festival

Can you think of a better cinema to come and celebrate our amazing naval history than No6? How many of us have visited The Victory and wondered what it would be like to see a film about Nelson actually shot on the ship? Well now you can see that very film on Nelson’s birthday Sat 29th Sept at No6 at 7.00pm. Toast our greatest naval hero with a tot of rum in the bar and then enjoy the live musical accompaniment by seasoned silent film musicians, the magnificent Stephen Horne and Martin Pyne. 

The history of Dawson City, the gold rush town that had a historical treasure of forgotten silent films buried in permafrost for decades until 1978.

Thursday night’s film isn’t a silent film but it is all about a cache of silent films found buried under a swimming pool in the old gold rush town of Dawson City in the Yukon. If you love film and you love history this is the perfect film for you. Dawson City: Frozen Time on Thursday night will get you in the mood for our celebration of Battleships of the Silent Era.

A fixture in the critical canon almost since its premiere, Sergei Eisenstein’s film about a 1905 naval mutiny was revolutionary in both form and content.

Oh what bliss….Friday Night and the chance to see Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin on our enormous screen …. fab-u-lous.

A recreation of the famous heroic attack at Zeebrugge with a mixture of drama and authentic First World War film material.

Boom, Saturday afternoon and the Battleships of the Silent Era will arrive in port. Zebrugge at 4.15pm will be introduced by Bryony Dixon curator of Silent Film at the BFl, believe me she knows a lot and she loves a battleship.

Rarely seen since its original release, Maurice Elvey’s masterpiece on the life and career of Admiral Nelson was a major passion project for Britain’s most prolific film director.

On Saturday at 7.00pm the jewel in the crown, Nelson will be screened at 7.00pm. This film will be introduced by Dr Lucie Dutton world expert on Maurice Elvey director of Nelson and Nelson obsessive, passion project is the perfect description.

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